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"Crying does not indicate that you are weak. Since birth, it has always been a sign that you are alive."
— Jane Eyre (via observando)
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My book review of Jane Eyre is now up over at “thebookheap”


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My all-time favorite book has a vlog?  HOW HAS NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS???? 

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A book that you think is woefully underrated

Jane Eyre. Let’s recap:-

Jane Eyre is often not thought of when you think of “period romances”, the first one people recall is any Austen or maybe a sister’s work of Wuthering Heights. But Jane Eyre stunned me.


Jane Eyre is a strong female protagonist. She doesn’t change her morals or ideals for love, and when she has to chose between love and her religion (which she was brought up strictly with in her orphanage/school), she sticks to what she has known all her life as she was taught, which is an incredibly amount of realism to have when a lot of authors would (scarily) just take the easy way out and forsake the character’s upbringing for ~*~love~*~. For that era, this is definitley one of the stronger female characters!

Rochester also needs to be acknowledged here. He’s a man of title, wealth and reputation. When his image in society is shattered by his wife’s family and they are both left abandoned, his wife mentally insane, he doesn’t cower away. He doesn’t throw her out onto the streets like many men of that time possibly would. He honours his vows, keeps her in his house, making sure she is not only of no harm to others, but to herself. He hires a servant to look after her (since she can’t stand him once she goes mad and is dangerous to him) and genuinely cares about her; which is why he’s so torn when he falls in love with Jane.

It’s not an easy love, but it’s one they both work hard for, and I love Bronte for it.

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- Mr Rochester, Jane Eyre.

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